Reno 911!: Miami Synopsis
Bumbling Nevada officers attend a police convention in Florida. Based on the TV series.
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By xxbaysidekingxx
there were a lot of funny scenes and i was happy i went...

Reno 911

By moviereviewx4
The VT show is great. The movie was not, I am glad I only paid $1.50 to see it! Unfortunately I bought six tickets for my kids and their friends. I could’ve walked out at any time, alone with the...

Laughing Straight Through!

By crafty00
It has been a logn time since I've laughed out loud in the theatre! I was laughing so hard I could not fathom going to the restroom because the movie was that great! Even if you do not watch the...

If you like the TV show, you'll love this movie

By swanksgirl21
We had a great time at this movie. It was funny and a little dirty (dont take small children), and most definetly worth the money. I'm sure we'll buy this when it comes out on DVD!!!...

Not bad

By ireallylikemovies2
about at good at the show but with more swearing good movie but expected more...

Reno 911!: Miami

By christine.a.foster
This was one of the worst if not the worst movie I have ever seen. It was not funny at all. A big waste of my time and money....

Good, but slightly disappointing.

By a10spot4me
If you like the show, you WILL like the movie. Don't let the R Rating make you think this will be a gross out flick. It simply isn't. That left me a little disappointed, I had thought they would...

Reno 911

By case
Very funny, longer, R-rated version of the TV show. If you're looking for a movie with substance, fine acting, and complex plot lines, this film is not for you. Go see Babel or something more...

reno 911

By jasmineheat2007
A great movie, full of laughs....

911 a Fun Movie

By ginabj
Where did they find these people tp play these parts? They make a great team and i thought it was very good. It had some parts at the end that were shy of laughs but all in all it was nice to get...

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Rated R | For sexual content, nudity, crude humor, language and drug use
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Common Sense Media says Lowbrow hilarity for adult fans of the TV comedy.
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