Randy and the Mob Synopsis
A self-centered Southerner (Ray McKinnon) lands in hot water with Italian mobsters.
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Great Movie and OK For Kids

By Frank66
Very entertaining and good for the entire family. A great movie with a great cast, plot, and acting. I will see it twice!...

Randy and the Mob is a MUST SEE!

By missyharris009
I was eagerly anticipating the opening of this film based on performances by Ray McKinnon, Lisa Blount, and Walter Goggins in movies like Chrystal and The Accountant. This film is a more than well...

Southern Laughs

By papermonkey1
If you are a fan of small budget, locally produced independent films, you must see this one! It's not your typically Hollywood backed, bland comedy. Real character development, honest southern...


By jalynbas
I saw the movie Friday night and the whole audience (me included) laughed throughout the entire film. Ray is a scream as the twins.....especially the teal-pantsuited gay brother. This is a funny...

A must see!

By doctorkk28
This was such a funny movie! We laughed throughout the entire film. It is a southern comedy so if you are not from the south you may not get some of the sayings but you will still laugh non-stop! I...

Master at work!

By jariail
Masterful portrayal of small-town Georgia, with of course a few exotic elements thrown in to keep the plot going. But the shots of small town life, the side streets, the restaurants and stores, the...

Great Story - full of laughs

By blackprius06
A great comedy! Go check it out!!!!...

It's Local and I Love It!

By 435
Great, light-hearted flick. Hilarious to watch the Pearson family deal with problems the way I know my own would!! I love the teal pantsuit and the message at the end... Definitely good for a...

What a surprise!

By audmaura
I was expecting to be mildly amused by this movie based on the preview I saw. But it turned out to be a laugh out loud movie. Quirky and very funny. I loved Ray McKinnon and my daughter LOVED Walter...

Randy & the Mob

By ecsares
Very funny movie from hometown guys Ray McKinnon & Walton Goggins....

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Rated PG | For thematic elements, mild violence, language and momentary smoking