Rambo: First Blood Synopsis
Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) takes on sheriff (Brian Dennehy) and National Guard.

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The same old thing

By Lost_Star
While the movie was as great as the first time, it was exactly the same as the first time. The quality of the film was poor and nothing had been done to make it any better. While the movie line was...

Rambo: First Blood

By Magnolia Fan
Awesome movie. I was 7 when it was in the theatre, too young to see it. While the movie was good there were technical issues due to the films age. The sound was horrible it was low and from the...


By whetstonedesign
I thought this movie was amazing! I was too young to see it the first time around, so this was a real treat. I am glad they did not decide to kill off our hero. I only wish they would have shortened...

The Spring Loaded Action Flick of the 1980s

By the_flick_reviewing_king
When Rambo came into theaters to the time it left it had become an iconic image nationwide. That alone says something about the film. People filed in row by row to see sylvester stallone in action....

First Blood is still a classic but this showing sucked.

The showing was put on screen by computer. The sound sucked. And that was the best part. The audience was mostly dumbass college punks. They made fun of Stallone during his interview and talked...

Keeping it real

By Sharkwmu
I enjoyed seeing RFB on the big screen. Being a Rambo fan and only 1 when the first movie was released, opportunities like this give me and others like me a chance to have that theater...

Rambo First Blood will always be the best of the series!

By funnymoviesrock
What a great flick to see in the theaters today! No matter how many times you may have seen it, it never gets boring! the ending emotional scene is intense and still brings tears to my eyes!...

Rambo: First Blood

By evydoll
this movie was super cool...... first time seeing it... my boyfriend had actually seen it in the movies when it originally came out... He saw it again and he just absolutely loved it....

Rambo: First Blood a second time.

By LawnDart
If you haven't seen this movie you should; It stands up well over time. The quality of the film (projection), was a little darker than I remember, but the film is still exciting and the campy one...

Rambo: First Blood

By navynick
I haven't seen this movie in so many years. To see it on the big screen again was awesome. The best part was the commentary. I'm glad this came at the beginning of the movie. Stallone answered a...

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