How Much Will ‘Paranormal Activity 2’ Make Opening Weekend?

With only one major release this week (aside from Clint Eastwood’s Hereafter expanding), we thought it might be fun to deviate from our usual Friday box office post and, instead, ask you to predict Paranormal Activity 2’s opening box office numbers. After all, we already know this film will win the weekend, but will it conquer the previous installment’s wild $193 million worldwide (this off a film that cost something like $11 grand to make)?

'Paranormal Activity 2'

Early buzz indicates that Paranormal Activity 2 definitely doesn’t disappoint, and unlike Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows, actually proves to be a worthwhile sequel even though it was rushed into production so that it would hit theaters exactly one year after the original. Currently Rotten Tomatoes has the film at 69% Fresh, which is a good thing for those on the fence about seeing it this weekend. Our suggestion is to see it, since this is the sort of film you want to check out with an audience … and a loved one to snuggle up next to when things get really freaky.
Keeping in mind that Jackass 3D’s $50 million last weekend was the biggest opening haul ever in the month of October, so do you think Paranormal Activity 2 has a chance to beat it even though it’s not in 3D? Sound off in our poll below and let us know how much you think the spooky “found footage” sequel will make this weekend.

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