Day 63: 'Toy Story 3 (Digital 3D)'

'Toy Story 3'

Day 63, and I'm starting to feel a little odd. Not sick. But that odd feeling you get when you feel like you might get sick. It's been an amazing, memorable moviewatching tour of the East Coast, but the scheduling is starting to take its toll. After four days of less than full days in Boston, Chicago and Miami, less than two days in New York, blog posts and interviews, five flights, and not much sleep (note to self - don't schedule early a.m. flights next time), plus constant shifting between extreme heat and various air-conditioning, and my body and mind are having a hard time adjusting.

Right now, I'm typing from a bed at a hotel next to the Miami airport. I've been downing orange juice and green tea like crazy to up my vitamin C and nutrient intake...but not feeling anything yet...good health, dear god, kick in hour or two to finish this post, and then a few more hours and then another 6:30am flight and on to Washington D.C.

Here in Miami, after a much needed nap at the hotel, I caught Toy Story 3 in Digital 3D at the city's posh Cobb Cinebistro (technically, some of you might be thinking, didn't he already see Toy Story 3? But that was in IMAX 3D [I also saw Iron Man 2 in both IMAX and non IMAX versions on different days], and if we're being hyper technical, I did sit through both Fletch and Vacation on Vacation day, and Temple of Doom and Raiders on Raiders of the Lost Ark day).

For those who haven't seen Toy Story 3, or even if you have, it's worth another look at the summer's best wide release. If it's not as good as the first two, it's darn close, and more ambitious. Seeing it at the Cinebistro was a great treat, too. Besides being able to reserve a specific seat beforehand here on Fandango (reserved seating...good), I was also able to order popcorn shrimp (shrimp...yummy), grilled steak, and a slice of cheesecake for desert in the auditorium. As with Pasdena's Gold Class Cinema, Miami's Cinebistro is a "first-class" movie experience - and includes the requisite leather chairs. Plus, if you sit in the first row, they have ottomans for you to kick up your feet. Or in my condition, splay out full mummy style. Don't mind the Polynesian in the front, kids. He's just taking a quick breather.

Anyways, after seeing it twice in different formats, I vote for Toy Story 3 as the best movie of the summer, and tied with Exit through the Gift Shop as the most entertaining...unless we're counting the Grease sing-a-long release, which wins most fun hands down. How about you? What's on your short list of the best movies of summer 2010 so far? Or the worst?

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