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A family who was tragically affected by the Vietnam war are forced to emigrate to America.
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By khiet00
Vietnamese in the US - no matter the immigration period - will find storylines here that parrallel events recounted by their parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents... A group of 25+ from our...

Journey from the Fall

By audreybht
The movie is drawing attention of the audience every minute. The actors and actresses acted so real, specially Long Nguyen and Diem Lien. Although the film lasted more than 2 hours, the audience...

Something we all can relate to

By lnguye5
Journey From The Fall is a story that touches all Vietnamese Americans. It's something we all can relate to and it tells the story of the great struggle of the Vietnamese on their journey to find...

Journey from the fall

By minh
This movie give everybody some true pictures of Viet Nam after April 1975 .With me , I spent years in "Re-Education Camp " , I saw my friends died while escaped . My family lived in the "Economic...

Compelling and poignant

By steepturn
This most compelling and poignant story is of a family who were divided and struggled through the ravages of war. What’s so interesting is as I spoke to other refugees around the world (from WWII to...


By wahtrain
I saw this film when it premiered in 2006 at the San Francisco Asian American Film Festival! It's truely an incredible story of what our parents and grandparents went through to escape to horror of...

Journey from the Fall

By valsnow_01
As an American who is married to one of the "boat people," I can say that this movie has given me a picture to go with the stories which I had heard from my husband but couldn't quite imagine. This is...

Nice to see alone at home

By minh trinh
I think that overall there was too much going in this movie. I mean there is a story about a turtle and a king...why? I don't think that was necessary. And how about the little boy talking back to...

Journey from the Fall

By moviegoer_sb
The movie is very real & emontional. It's a piece of history of the boat people, of how Vietnamese community started in America, & the untold stories of re-education camps. I like it. I suggest...

Journey from the Fall

By vinsanitypdx
Having experienced this first hand, I thought the movie was well told. 32 years and one day before the fall of Sai Gon. My family and I are reminded how chaotic the Viet Nam War was and how the...

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