Jodhaa Akbar Synopsis
An emperor faces his greatest battle when he marries a defiant princess.
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Austin Chronicle

By Marjorie Baumgarten
Though the history and the palace intrigue are not at all difficult for Westerners to grasp, a tighter running time would probably help...
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L.A. Weekly

By David Chute
Jodhaa Akbar is clear and solid and absorbing, but not quite exhilarating.
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By Derek Elley
A long-limbed story that is utterly simple in structure, but decorated with enough character interplay and side plots to keep the movie...
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San Francisco Chronicle

Indian director Ashutosh Gowariker, who won an Oscar nomination for "Lagaan," usually knows how to tell a good story. Here, however, he...
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Jodha Akbar- "A Good watch"- By Lakshmi

By lak1023
A good movie. Worth spending 3 plus hrs in a box. Good music , some good photography, locations and appealing performance from Aishwariya & Hrithik. Very majestic & elegant interlude depiction...

Jodha Akbar

By shivnir77
Those of you who really interested in History will like this Movie otherwise don't even bother watching it....

salman khan (real) not joking

By bhadreshpa
hay this is salman khan hay guys how are ua ll my movie is comming next but this movies was okay not that much good but u all gonna like my movie it's comming on next month love u all bye take...

Jodha Akbar

By harish dand
Great direction, acting, everything......

Jodha Akbar

By noorkhoja
It was ok Movie. Over marketed. Could have used little more humor. Deffinately LONGER that it needed to be. Way too much details... EDITOR shouldnt get paid....

A Cinematographic Triumph!

By Usha L Paradise
Yes, it's very long, but that may be one of the only "faults". Artistically filmed, the images linger long after the movie is over. The costumes and sets are absolutely gorgeous. Ash and Hrithik...

Jodha Akbar

By shani khan
This is a historic movie . The only thing I remembered after the movie was clothes and jewelery. Hrithik's jewelery was better than ash. Ash was lost in her big jewlery and heavy clothes. Some of the...

jodhaa akbar year's great movie

By yankie
well done--good history for nri's who may not have much idea for that period history could have given some background info about who came after akbar then his family tree and connected to who made...

Jodhaa Akbar

By preetz
Well made movie!! Cant say it is historically accurate but well made all the same. All the actors have done a good job Hirthik esp....


By JayRam
Best foreign film of the year!...

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