Horsemen Synopsis
A serial murder spree has links to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
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Horseman Review

By richlang1948
Very good movie. I went to it based on the story line. I wasn't disappointed. Acting was very good. Story line was not surprising. Basically a very good movie. I usually see trailers at other...

Worth the Money

By cerothin
This move was worth every penny that I shelled out for it. The only part that I was dissapointed in was the ending. Otherwise worth every penny....


Story seemed really familiar, and the pace was very slow. Quaid seemed to be sleep walking through the Movie. GT...

Entertaining scare

By flixwatchergal
This is a great movie for people who want a little bit of scare without extreme gore. It focuses more on the who done it instead of focusing on torture. With that being said, I think individuals who...



zhang ziyi miscast

By stevechn
This movie was a big disappointment. I chose to rent it b/c it stars zhang ziyi. Once again hollywood does not know how to use a talented chinese actress much like it failed with gong li in the miami...


By Stefanie1007
I knew how the movie would end 20 minutes into it. Besides how predictable it was and how slow it was, the actress that played War was terrible. I'm not sure who to blame - actress, writer,...

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Rated R | For grisly and disturbing content, some sexual images and language