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A rock group presents its stylized outlook on the social problems of the '60s.
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Not for non-believers...

By Da Rev
"Head" is classic absurdist cinema, as filtered through a cannabinoid-influenced sensibility. However, though I do personally love this film, I have no illusion that it would strike either fear or...

NOW, I get it.

By fabtrick
Back when I was young and unsavvy, I found this movie to be a "head scratching" experience. Now as I've gotten older and more aware of the world, HEAD begins to make sense; and I get what the...


By waynec444
No story line, just zaniness throughout. Here is how I would describe it in more detail. Take the script, shred it well, put it back together as best you can. Take that "restored" script, read it...


By Pamela v
So many people commented about how they "hope to understand HEAD more after this viewing." I thoroughly enjoyed my third viewing, which I thought would be very different from my first two...

Great event for Monkees fans!

By copax7
This special screening of "Head" was amazing. Having only seen the film on DVD, it was a completely different experience seeing it on the big screen. The film is a real oddity but full of surprises...


By Hydra
Always bizarre, always awesome. Head is funny, visually interesting and has great music. It gives a real flavor of the 1960's, complete with tight pants, love beads, guru's and discontent. As a long...

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