Half the Sky (2010) Synopsis
A celebration of International Women's Day with musical performances and celebrity commentary.

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Half The Sky

By surf_city_syl
I was really looking forward to this presentation, however it was disappointing. As the president of a non-profit org and as a supporter of education in delveloping countries being the only way out...

Great Experience

By fylicia.marie
Having heard of the book through a friend who was having a very hard time reading all of the heavy material (the words in the pages of books truly have an effect of us), I decided that it would be a...

Half the Sky

By gagasgrands
Very moving and thought provoking...

Half the Sky (onetime event)

By guysgal
Amazing and inspiring! I hope this world movement spreads like wildfire. Girls' education is a key component of the campaign. For another inspiring story about education of traditionally neglected...

The Movie is a tremendously disappointing, squandered opportunity after such an excellent book.

By rockinrmb
The plight of women around the world is such an important, under-reported issue that this ineffective movie disappoints and stings all the more. The panel lacked power and presence and the performers...

Five Word Review

By martine_94061
poiniant moving inspiring horrifying important...

Five Word Review

By debramcelroy
Your Roadmap To Improve Life...

Half the Sky

By juankjuank
Moving, profound and so very important. Everyone who wants to eliminate oppression and have a more peaceful planet should see this. The music is wonderful and the stories of these courageous and...

Half the Sky

By auntiepurple
I did enjoy this event; although I was disappointed in the low turnout at the local theater. I ly had just finished reading the book and was moved by it. I am in the process of choosing a charity...


By FEM814
Thanks for offering this to the Rockford community. Very interesting and stimulating. It really energized my friends and I to do something for this cause. We all joined CARE that night. We are...

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