Four Brothers Synopsis
Four brothers reunited at their mother's funeral suspect she may have been murdered.
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Five Word Review

By redyeah
Love the chemistry between cast...

PART 2, Please! MAKE A PART 2

By josephmackey1
Best Movie Evr! I am so upset the writers wont make a part two of this! I believe that you can write Jack back into the script! And you should make Victor's Uncle "the big boss" come home....

Four Brothers

By Ruby_Redz
EXCELLENT Movie. I really enjoyed. It helped that the Brothers were HOT. The storyline was very very good, with your acton/suspense/drama and a few tears all rolled into one. I also liked how it...

Best Movie Ever

By 619boy531
I don't know if everyone else thinks that this the best movie. But this is my favorite movie. It had great acting, good story, good action, good drama, Overall great movie....

Four Brothers

By BloodyKnight23
Powerful, Intense, amazing acting. Probably the best Wark Wahlberg movie to date!...

the best

By small fry
you will love the bothers and love everything...


By jsttsl
This has got to be one of the worst movies ever made. The acting was horrible. The dialogue was horrible. Andre 3000 should never act again. The younger brother, whatever that actor's name is, should...

By lexi67
i think this movie is a must see. there is so much action and the acting is great. I especially love Garrett headlunds character....

Four Brothers Movie Review

By Spencer27057
80 out of 100 A intense, powerful, action-packed family/crime drama that is not only entertaining but also realistic....

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By abv9
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Rated R | For strong violence, pervasive language and some sexual content
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Common Sense Media says A rowdy, brutal revenge movie -- not for kids.
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