Forbidden Zone Synopsis
Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo tour the kinky realm of little King Fausto and his queen.
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My favorite movie of all time!

By lalalunatic
Director Richard Elfman is pure genius. I can't wait to see what he does with the sequel!...

Uproariously funny, great music and vocals

By Yan251
Danny Elfman wrote a lot of music for a lot of blockbusters but I never got as much pleasure from any of them as I got from Forbidden Zone. That's my favorite from long time ago. Everything in a move...

Cult Classic

By Zombieking
Amazing in Color!...

Forbidden Zone (color)

By ladyfranky
Wonderfully wacky Elfman film created for the "Midnight Cult Classic Film Fan! Think. Danny Elfman meets Rocky Horror meets Monty Python meets Sid and Marty Kroft. Very entertaining!...


By Elfo
Greatest underground film ever. MUST SEE!!!...

Forbidden Zone Rocks!

By PupDon
I have been a fan of Forbidden Zone since I rented the washed out VHS tape in the early 90's on the recommendation of a friend. I was hooked ever since. The DVD release was wonderful but when I...

Forbidden Zone - Rock Solid!!

By SpongeBob87
Totally hilarious!! A must see! Richard Elfman did a brilliant job with his production!! Rarely do you get to enjoy raw and uncensored humor!! Loved it!!!...

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