Flags of Our Fathers Synopsis
Marines who raised the U.S. flag on Iwo Jima in World War II become heroes.
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By mortcal
Wasn't the greatest war movie ever but it had it's moments. It's worth a watch....


By glxy
i think this movie was really bad...

Flags of our Father

By Dee
Right there with Saving Private Ryan. Enjoyed the movie very much for its historical content and honest portrayal of the war in the Pacific. A must see!!!...

Better than expected...

By kinryuu
Although the beach landing scene reminded me of "Saving Private Ryan", the movie was very good, although not for the squeemish. I had a hard time keeping track of who was who among the soldiers, and...

Flags of our Fathers

By Davidf05
It had some slow parts in the movie, but it was worst the admssion. I went away with a more clearer understanding of the sacrifice that was made during World War II. I think Clint Eastwood should get...

Flags of Our Fathers

By saint
Slow, gratuitous violence (i.e. beheadings), hard to relate to characters and become attached or emotional about them....

An editing disappointment

By JamesFromGraniteBay
Great performances, amazing visuals, heart-wrenching subject. Though, I'd like to think that Clint wasn't involved with editing this product. The movie seemed to be disjointed in its treatment of...

Slow and boring

By rcrozby
Nothing like any war movie made. Movie is more of a documentary then about war. Story goes in and out between lives of flag members and war scenes. Read the book, it is much better then the movie!...

Flags of Our Fathers

By Tish
Very realistic.  Clint Eastwood does a fabulous job recreating the time and events.  Somewhat graphic but fitting to the story.  It made me think a lot about our young men and women in...

Flags of Our Fathers

By skins
Not bad at all. It gave me an understanding of what went on during the war and all the politics as well. If you like war movies and the nitty gritty, this movie is for you. I thought is was so so....

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Rated R | For sequences of graphic war violence and carnage, and for language
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Common Sense Media says Harrowing World War II drama isn't for kids.
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