Familiar Strangers Synopsis
A young man (Shawn Hatosy) and his family have an unusual Thanksgiving reunion.
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fantastic film

By peggyslow
This is not to be missed. The best dysfunctional family film i have ever seen. Warm and funny without jokes or slapstick. Very real, you will recognize these people and love them, warts and...

Not for everyone I suspect, but what a wonderful film!

By quami
this film was wonderful. it started off a bit slow, but before long i realized I cared about everyone, understood who they were, and wanted to travel along on their journey. i went to this film...

Enjoyable Movie

By rob-likes-movies
This is a nice story, well acted and good theme. This movie should be go to the bigger cinemas, not just the art theaters. I have recommended this movie to a number of friends. The story is...

Familiar, and Worth It!

By indiefilm07
As comfortable as an easy chair, and the kind of movie that you yearn to return to just like one does with ones favorite padded nest. It is a movie about relationships that makes you realize the...

Familiar Strangers

By patngordo
I really loved this movie. It was both funny and dramatic, with a good plot twist. The acting was solid, and it was beautifully photographed in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, a place I...

Too familiar?

By djsailor
When you leave the theater, you will not be a stranger to any of the characters. They will be, well, a bit too familiar, much like some of your own relatives. This is a wonderful, thought provoking...

no stranger than MY family!

By moveeLovrr
This movie is a fantastic portrayal of the beauty in family dysfunction. Witty and sometimes painful, this film has you falling in love with its characters before you even realize it. A great movie...

Great "Date Night" movie -- Highly Recommended!

By cvillian
Familiar Strangers is a wonderful indy film, which has yet to find a distributor so is currently only being shown at film festivals and a few local theatres. This is unfortunate, because it is an...

Family Values

By AnnCinDC
Perfect timing for exploring family relationships with Thanksgiving and the holidays around the corner! Take the whole family to see it! Warm and affirming, it explores what's underneath the surface...

Familiar Strangers

By jadski
A well make and refreshing movie about family. It will make you laugh, cry, sad, and go away happy. If not for one word it would be rated PG instead of PG-13. The kids will love the donkey...

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Rated PG-13 | For brief strong language