Ephraim's Rescue Synopsis
Ephraim finds his way in life by following his heart and providing relief to a company.

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Ephraim's Rescue

By organmd
This is the story of a man's life. But the message is for all of us to so llive our lives as to be ready to serve others when the need arives, and arive it will. The greatest satisfaction in life...

17 Miracles 2

By craigcoleman
The film feels like a sequel to 17 Miracles and in terms of its cinematic quality is at about the same level. I don't think the film was awful but I don't think it was very good storytelling. In...

Ephraim's Rescue

By CarolAMalone
To quote Tim Malone (my husband,) We both loved the movie although the situation was desperate and mournfully sad. It was "played extremely well by Darin Southam in the majority of the movie, I was...

Really enjoyed this movie

By rascompany
Takes off where 17 miracles stopped. Just wanted to do the right thing. Imperfect people putting forward a good effort. Amazing trials and amazing results. After the tribulation comes the blessings....

a little about the Mormon Pioneer experience.

By ScottieTooHottie2
If you are a member of the LDS church it is a must go. If you are not it is still a must go if you want to know a little about the Mormon Pioneer experience. Well done....

Ephraim's Rescue

By Pebble-beach77
A good story line that took a few turns establishing the main character. It's certainly meant for those who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. To a person whose not a...

I liked it!

By wendiaustad
I really liked it. Should've taken a few tissues with me. Very touching and inspiring. Miracles happen....

Ephraim's Rescue

By junkyarddon
I'm always amazed why some of our USA history is untold due to religious issues. This is yet another amazing feat in history that opens up our eyes as to the difficulties people will go through in...

Emphraim's Rescue

By craigandrobin
Great movie. Very well done...

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Rated PG | For Some Disturbing Images and Thematic Elements