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Dracula Untold Synopsis
Prince Vlad III trades his humanity for the power to defend his people from the Ottoman onslaught.
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Philadelphia Inquirer

By David Hiltbrand
Dracula Untold is a movie that gives good trailer. That's not surprising because it's a visually arresting saga. Unfortunately, the story...
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By Simon Abrams
The good news barely outweighs the bad in Dracula Untold, a lightweight war-adventure that is ultimately stranger and more enticing when it...
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Bruce Ingram
Vlad’s numerous speeches about love, honor and family grow tedious, along with the film’s wooden dialogue in general. And it quickly...
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The Telegraph

By Tim Robey
If they had to give Drac an “origin story” this literal-minded, at least they had the sense to keep it keen and lively, whittled to a point.
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Mick LaSalle
No campy vampire movie, and the early part of the film is well-made enough that the sadness of Vlad’s dilemma is truly felt.
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USA Today

At times Dracula Untold flirts with dullness so much that it might as well just stick a stake in the heart of Bram Stoker's legacy.
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Entertainment Weekly

By Kyle Anderson
It works neither as a sweeping historical epic nor as an action-horror hybrid.
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By James Berardinelli
Instead of being respectful of Bram Stoker's creation, it attempts to remake him as a tragic figure with superhero powers.
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Village Voice

By Alan Scherstuhl
Too much of the last hour is a muddle of unconvincing, hard-to-read nighttime action scenes.
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By Scott Foundas
Dracula Untold opts for the stately, staid approach, and even at a mere 85 minutes (sans credits) it’s something of a bore — neither scary...
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Went in not expecting much and turned out to be the best story of Dracula since Bram Stoker's. A must see:-)...

Beautifully crafted retelling of Dracula, GO SEE IT

By rx8chick
Dracula Untold was a stunning piece of cinema! Certainly it is the best Dracula movie and I hold it to be the same caliber as Lord of the Rings and others of the like. The story was engaging,...

Not that exciting

By luizaci
Well I am in Romania and I just saw it. It's not historically accurate but it's a fun idea. The plot leaves you wanting more; quick action scenes and no in-depth character development. The trailer is...


By eddievais
Just saw the movie and I never write reviews but I had to for this one. A great story with great acting. I highly recommend that everyone go see it. And splurge on the IMAX it's worth the big screen...

Great action movie

By blkyogi99

Theatrical review

By jasaul50
I'm more of a critic surrounding fantasy, vampire lore, than any of the critics that placed their review for this movie. I assure you that you will not be bored and the love was clearly evident and...

A Halloween Spectacular

By kwill8608
I had high expectations for this movie and was worried about being disappointed. Luckily it was a wonderful surprise. There were many different details in this movie that made a classic, and maybe...

love it

By hmoobvue19
gets from start to finsh with no if or buts. great acting, great action. This movie shows exactly how I would want to see Dracula fight....

By sirleon2
The movie was f**king awesome better than I thought. They gave a nice change to the legend while respecting a little of the real history of VLad. They even added a little of romance to the story....

Great movie!!!!

By kiaramarie09
The story line was amazing!! The movie moves a little too quickly in the beginning and the overall movie could have been a little bit longer. Other then that, I really enjoyed the movie! Definitely...

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Rated PG-13 | For Intense Sequences of Warfare, Disturbing Images, Some Sensuality and Vampire Attacks
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Common Sense Media says Violent but dull Dracula tale should have stayed untold.
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