Death Note: L, Change the WorLd (overdubbed) Synopsis
Death Note: L, change the WorLd is the third live action event based on the Death Note Manga franchise.

Movie Reviews

Go see it

By cometogether
As a follower of the death note Kira, I wil say: GO SEE THE MOVIE --- you won't be disappointed...


By Boricuaboi04
If this movie were a person, I´d rape them. That;s how good it is. xD...

Five Word Review

By VictorPresents
L Is the best XD...

Words can't describe it!

By Femalefighter56
This movie was amazing. You got to see a different side of L that was great. It wasn't what I thought it would be but it was even better!!...

Death Note: L, Change the WorLd was AWESOME!

By ABoris43
As the Consenting Adult in escorting my teenage daughter and her friend to this movie I was just as pleased, if not more so thanthan other two prior movies! This series of movies were well made and...

Death Note L, Change the World

By erroleross
They took 40 minutes of story line and stretch to two hours and fifteen minutes. Visually unstunning. Lack of brightness and contrast; a dull grey movie all the way through. Only one special...

Death Note; L Change the world

By sugabitz
I just LOVED the movie, it was funny and everything you could ask of a L movie! I hope everybody who is a Death Note FAN gets a chance to watch the movie =) it was perfect......

A great example of what a spin off should be.

By triad101
L: Change the WorLd is a spin off of Death Note. An adaptation of a Manga by the same name. This movie shows how a spin shoud be done; the parent movie is referenced in the first few minutes and then...

DeathNote:L Change the world

By Dianna and Eric
good movie....

Good Film

By Scrumps
After I got past all the screaming girls in the theatre to actually watch the movie I enjoyed it. The next morning I watched the first 2 films for the first time. It is a good series, however L:...

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