David & Layla Synopsis
A Jewish man and a Muslim woman must overcome family and religious obstacles to find love.
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David and Layla must see modern romantic comedy

By changy
This movie brought me to laugh and brought me to tears! It is sooo sweet. Shiva Rose is beautiful on big screen, so watchable. She is a classic beauty. I felt this movie has a great message...I...

David & Layla

By gilgameshmovie
Awesome! Funny, Relevant, Topical Romantic Comedy. My Big Fat Jewish Muslim wedding but more original, more meaningful...fresh insights about our world....

A Beautiful romantic film

By Azad Moradian
A beautiful film "David a Layla", A film about Love and Peace between people, regardless of religion , color, Nationality and race...

Nice concept, not so nice movie

By tom3000
Well, I’ll get hammered with “Not Helpful”, but I did not like it. The message that people can get together regardless of background is nice and something I have personally experienced. I enjoyed...

A terrible movie

By audreyannf
This movie is awful! Not romantic, not a comedy, unlikeable characters, many written as low comedy stereotypes, unexplained flashback scenes that lead to nothing, offensive treatment of religious...

small budget, so what

By moviesnstuff2
this movie was delightful, especially considering the lack of budget. it brings to the attention crisis that average Americans are probably not aware of, i.e. the genocide of hundreds of thousands...


By sandgolds
The underlying themes, messages, concepts, whatever, of this movie are vaguely nice (though I doubt that any thoughtful member of ANY religious group would particularly appreciate the way the movie...

Go See David and Layla

By tfahimi
This is a charming romantic comedy that does a good job of highlighting the injustices perpetrated on the Kurds, Jewish and Kurdish culture and political attitudes, and the interwoven contributions...

What a waste of time and money

By arlingtonva
This movie is just plain terrible. I suppose they thought they were making an edgy movie exploring prejudices and stereotype but all it does is belabor them in a most un-edgy way. The casting is bad...

Five Word Review

By Tromaton81
Sharp sexy witty culture clash...

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