Dark Ride - Horrorfest Synopsis
An escaped murderer shelters in a park ride where he has deadly plans for a group of students.


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By victoria
Saw this film last night and thought is totally rocked. It delivered the goods (and the scares) in a big way.Laughed and jumped and the people I was with thought the same. GREAT horror film....

It was great

By LKSchill
We all loved it, and I didn't care about the couple in the back row making out!...

Horrible- made my 19-year-old boyfriend cry!

By La Tooshy
This was a terrible movie; my boyfriend was literally in my lap, sobbing. How can I make out with him now? It's ruined our relationship. Do yourselves a favor and run....


By astimegoesby
worst movie ever. cheesy lines. cheesy storyline. not even remotely funny. also NOT in the least suspensefu or scary. what a waste of film....

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Rated R