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A devoted wife discovers that her husband has been living a double life.
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By marleymovie
Wasn't what I first expected but I was very pleasantly surprised! Go see it!...

Very good movie!

By RobLewis43
Besides being entertaining, this movie touches on a topic that is critical to communities throughout the country, specifically the African-American community. The "down low" issue (i.e., men...


By 8special
I think the movie covered a topic that is very rarely spoken about and needs more atttention, men on the "Down Low." It was entertaining and educational as well. I think they could have done a...


By Movie_Counselor
It was an excellent well-written movie. It touched on every angle of sexuality and mystery. Each actor/actress was perfectly cast for their roles. I really enjoyed the movie. BTW, there wasn't a dry...


By ajlittlelegacy
I thought the movie was needed because it focus on a major problem in our society.... being on the "DOWN LOW". I thought it was a little choppy and I wish they gave the little girl more drama to the...


By Rabebe
This movie kept me on the edge of my seat. The message is almost like a subtle PSA for HIV/AIDS and what it means to live a life of integrity. I encourage any woman who has doubts about her...

Cover a Must See

By kurbaness
Wow! I just finished watching a preview copy of the new suspense/drama Cover by director Bill Duke and it was great. The film seemed like it was going to have a routine, predictable, storyline but...


By lwalker2
The movie was awesome! It dealt with a subject that everyone should know about. I am so disappointed that this movie is only showing in two (2) theaters in Philadelphia....


By lovleeladi
I watch this movie with a friend. I thought it was aa great movie. But when it came to the scene where the wife caught her husband with the guy in the shower, the guy that i was watching it with...


By valarieischanging
I think that every one should see this movie, because there's alot of people in the world that have alot of secrets that need to be let out. Cover is a very good movie and it makes you think about...

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Rated PG-13 | For mature thematic material, sexual situations and language, violence and some drug content