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going to be epic

By davidmaxjones
I've been wanting to see this ever since the first trailer was posted earlier this year. Everything I've heard about it from people who have been lucky to see early screenings has been positive. ...

Waste of Time

By Marj_o_rie
I was anxious to see this movie. I am a big Hitchens fan. What a disappointment. The movie was poorly filmed and edited; the sound quality was awful. The camera work was jittery and erratic. In...

Promo for the book

By ArthurianLegend
They played the DVD, which cut out in the middle. It was only worth seeing because of the post-premiere Q&A with Christopher Hitchens and the other guy,...

A Spirited Debate

By NYCBorn
The movie sheds light on the false allure of atheism as Christopher Hitchens has harsh words for religion in general, and Christianity in particular, but fails to offer any coherent positive...

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