Captain Abu Raed Synopsis
After an old man tells him fantastic stories, a poor boy realizes his dreams.
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By Phandaingo
Captain Abu Raed is a story about a janitor who leads the kids in his town to believe he is a pilot. The charisma the character is evidentally supposed to have is not apparent in the actor and the...

Never even noticed it was in another language... Amazing laughs, tears... such a moving film

By arabxesque
Just to be brief... this movie was amazing. At times I cried, at times I laughed, at times I wondered... but in the end, I was awestruck by the route this movie took... moved by the emotions in it,...


By Zayna317
I thought that film was absolutely great. Very rarely do we see Arabic films that touch on such important subject. This was not only a heart warming story, but one that really gave you an inside look...


By ajfreedman13
This movie is heartwarming and powerful. It is a story of people's relationships with others at different stages in their lives and the power of others to play a role in the paths our lives take, in...


By nsweiss
Heartwarming, charming, beautiful! I can't wait to see it again! This is a MUST SEE!!!...

Captain Abu Raed

By larouche
A movie not to miss!! Captain Abu Raed is one of the best Arabic Movies I have seen. It's very moving and tells the story of how human nature can be horrifying and diabolic on one end but merciful, ...

If you like movies like Central Station, Valentin, Cinema Paradiso..

By vermagic
You will love Captain Abu Raed. It's heartwarming and heart-wrenching all at the same time. The tale is not complex, but it's beautifully told and held my interest. I'm still thinking about it...

A treasure set in Amman

By lizgrady
Captain Abu Raed is a touching and truthful look at the impact that one man can make on the future of many. Beautiful vistas of an ancient city are the backdrop for this human story. Proving that you...