Brooklyn Rules Synopsis
Three boyhood friends strive to remain loyal to each other amidst the mafia lifestyle in 1985 Brooklyn.
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Brooklyn RULES

By rrose_selavy
Excellent coming-of-age in the '80s film centered on the relationship between three inseparable friends whose lives are headed in radically different directions. The backdrop is Brooklyn and...

Brooklyn Rules

By ginger vegas
A must see PERIOD!!!!!!...

Brookllyn Rules

By bogey342
Anyone outside of New York seen this film? Not playing here on 42 screens. Does Baldwin scream at any kids?...


By Beantown Bully
C'mon people...this movie SUCKED. Freddie Prinze Jr. is the worst tough guy ever to do it. Turtle was alright and Scott Caan who I think is a great tough guy was sub par...the only standout was...

Very good

By racerxme
A low budget bronx tale...

Campy Time Warp Mafia Flick

By edrapp27
Brooklyn Rules was a fun was totally campy and filled with Brooklyn accents, big hair, and of course, the token funeral. The basic them is that of three childhood friends who all...

Great Movie

By Howard Stern
If the entire theater erupting in applause at the end wasn't and indication of how good this movie is I don't know what is.... Go see it....

Brooklyn Rules

By UncleStu
A very nice surprise...

A must see!!!

By nvenezia
Great Movie....Highly Recomended...

Brooklyn Rules For sure

By Eric01
Brooklyn rules is a great film. I enjoyed it alot , and recomend any everyone to come and watch it. The friend ship between Cans character and Prince's charcted and Ferra is very bonding and its very...

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Rated R | For violence, pervasive language and some sexual content
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Common Sense Media says Predictable mob movie is too violent for kids.
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