Blue Synopsis
A Frenchwoman (Juliette Binoche) loses her family in a car crash.

Movie Reviews

One of the Dumbest Movies I saw.

By Kaakku
This movie is a 2 hour solid crap that can be avoided by all means. Totally illogical, nonsensical screenplay added to artistes overplay. If one wants to dump themselves in boredom, they go watch...

One time..seeing

By asisdas
Nice dance music and special effects..!!...

blue movie -- good to watch

By dineshgoyal15
action movie and all the scenes I liked in this movie ... perfect direction ... end of the movie was kind of funny ... n doesn't suit ... overall its a good movie .....

Nice Movie!

By coolguy086
It's the most expensive movie ever! The story is good and it's fun watching it. Overall It's a pretty good movie. I give 4/5....

Average Storyline...Nice Cinematography

By vikasm143
by now most of you know abt the story...but the movie definitely has very good Cinematography, excellent location, good acting....

not what expected

By habibalvi
the main finale was horrible. really worst performances ................

Only action scenes don't make up for the weak scriptwriting

By vj_filmfanatic
Excellent cinematography and underwater scenes..Good action...Some really cool sequences could be rated upto hollywood standards.. But it rests on a really thin plot...Weak storyline and no...

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Rated R