Beowulf: An IMAX 3D Experience Synopsis
A warrior (Ray Winstone) battles a ferocious demon and its evil, but seductive, mother.

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How can you rate a movie that you have not seen?

By lmotsie
I gave this a "must go" just to counter-balance the idiot who had to make a high-brow statement about changing great literature into pop entertainment. Geezz....


By willmayjr
I dont know what your movie experience will be like but personally i have not one thing to complain about. i saw tihs movie on a 3d imax screen and it was one of the greatest displays of a movie ive...

This is cool!

The 3D version is suppose to be Rated R! This is going to be neat, they are going to have this movie with 2 different ratings!! I cant wait for Beowulf!...


By Gadget Girl
This is a spectacular movie filled with rising and falling action and thrills, based on the classic Danish literature The Song of Beowolf. The 3D images on the IMAX screen has the vieweer engaged...

Surprisingly good!

By Lizerne Guiting
The 3D was the best I’ve ever seen in a movie. I winced a few times and caught a few guys squirming in their seats in an action sequence near the end. The story has depth to it: Beowulf is a great...

Beowulf the human

By newyorkerforever
This movie was great. Sometimes you couldn't tell it wasn't real images. I loved how they didn't make him this superhuman hero, but rather made him human, imperfect, yet still courageous. It's the...

The 3D experince is the next generation of motion pictures!!!

Many other movies are sure to follow in the footsteps of this truly revolutionary experience. Not only does the completely computer animated Beowolf create images that would remind you of a vivid...


By JayRam
Awesome in IMAX...

The Imax 3D experience

By Tripleembajadorcorona
The special effect were awsome and the graphics were sureal. The Best IMAX movie I seen in a long time. Every one inside the theat was enjoy it. You could tell by everyone's applauses. You must...


Thia was the greatest Movie experience I have ever had. The 3D was phenomenal. I told all my friends that this was a must see movie and it definately had to be seen in Imax 3D!!!...

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Rated PG-13 | For intense sequences of violence including disturbing images, some sexual material and nudity
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Common Sense Media says Violent animated adventure is no kiddie movie.
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