Be Kind Rewind Synopsis
A man accidentally destroys tapes in his friend's video store and attempts to remake them.
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I Can't Wait

By moviewatcher411
This movie looks awsome, it looks funny and has two great actors (Jack Black and Mos Def), well Mos Def isn't great but he can be funny. this movie is about a video rental store. But when something...


By movie_goer525
This movie looks so awesome!!! it will be so funny!!!...


By justinluedeke
Movie was packed! Every show was SOLD OUT and I know why - this movie is absolutely hilarious! A MUST SEE! Jack Black in one of his best roles. If you only see one comedy this year, this has got...

Be Kind, Rewind

By wendifriesen
I had low expectations. But this movie totally blew me away. The entire audience was laughing out loud and at the end many of them were clapping. One of the major reviews says it lacked credibility....


By Mojo Brian
I saw the trailer and it looks really great. The movie in general is probably really good. I mean, it's not a parody, but it kinda is....

"Be Kind, Rewind" I s Sweet, Funny and Unbelievable

By StanTheMovieMan
While the film is good natured, the premise is somewhat ridiculous and the notion of people actually enjoying the homemade movies is completely outside the realm of possibility. Despite that, I...

Loads of Laughs

By KPJ0806
Truly funny and enjoyable. Michel Gondry's creative approach to film making continues to amaze me, and his childlike imagination creates a fun, lovable movie!...

SO-SO says it all

By Arbert63B
The type of movie you might watch at the dollar theater or the drive-in. Funny at times, hard to swallow story line. Jack Black would be the only reason to like this movie. If you do not like Jack...


By Daydream
Be Kind Rewind is a movie full of fun. Mos Def is put in charge of a VHS rental store and is warned to keep Jerry (Jack Black) out because he wrecks everything he touches. Jerry is almost positive...

Be Kind Rewind

By sprinkles098
This movie was very good. I saw it in a theater of less than 10 people and when the funny parts came it was like there were 100 people in there. You definitely should take time to go to this movie!...

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Rated PG-13 | For some sexual references
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Common Sense Media says Quirky Jack Black comedy is sweet and silly.
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