Balls of Fury Synopsis
A disgraced pingpong champ goes under cover for the government to bring down a crime lord.
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True Movie Review About The Creators and Hollywood in General

By rogue savior
This movie is full of ***gotry and gay men content. The devil has truely entered the hearts of the creators. I hope Alah sends his Jihadists and suicide bombers to the place where they and their...

Sucks. A waste of money.

By bfxxcpoon
Not funny at all. I did not laugh one bit....

So funny

By Applebots
saw the film and absolutely loved it. its good old fashioned laugh out loud comedy. Extremely entertaining and require absolutely no thought! i love these guys...


By movie man101
it will be so funny i will cry it will be oh so funny it still will be funny great actors i mean it will be the perfect movie...

Don't waste your time on "Balls of Fury"

By Nancie
We thought it would be for ping pong what "Dodgeball" was for that sport. Instead, this movie was dreadful from start to finish. Even my 11-year-old son thought it stunk! If you feel that you must...

Balls of Fury

By HSBudinich
Laugh, laugh, laugh at bawdy humor. Laugh again. For mindless fun. Great costumes, from rejects sold at Elton John's garage sale to sexy dominatrix, to sexy, sexy, china doll. 'Booger' strikes again...

Very Funny

By amashenahan
This movie is hilarious - I just saw it. I really enjoyed Christopher Walken and was pleasantly suprised by Dan Folger's performance. For those wanting to see a great summer comedy, check this one...

SOOOOO Amazing

By dwillsom
Hilarious! They should call it balls of awesome. Because this movie is awesome....

Balls just out.

By Windwounder
Balls of Fury is a comedy based on the great Bruce Lee film, Fists of Fury and the Lee biopick Dragon. The comedy is uneven, the pace slows as some scenes run on without a big joke to finish them. ...

Gay ballsz

By Mathias186
omg so many gay and racial slurs in the movie. it was the worst experience of my life. i nearly cried because it was so bad....

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Rated PG-13 | For crude and sex-related humor, and for language
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Common Sense Media says Slapstick ping-pong comedy has very slight bounce.
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