Are We There Yet? Synopsis
A man endures a nightmare trip from Portland to Vancouver on New Years Eve.
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are we there yet ?

great movie!...

Pretty good

By moviestar06
I like the plot and the actors, but it needed to be funnier. It is a great movie for kids. Great for nights with your kids in your PJ's....


By foxyjo123
This movie was So-So. There was some funny parts in it but it just wasn't what I expected. 5 out of 10....

I wonder if Ice Cube ever stopped and thought, "Why am I doing this?"

By Dominic LeRose
Pack in every imaginable cliche stereotype of a cold-hearted man who becomes good even tough he's in a situation he hates, every clean-cut family joke, every black person joke imaginable, and a whole...

by:alexis kimber

By alexiskimber
why its an awesome movie...

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By muenchjack
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I love it 5 stars

By amandrus1016
It is soo funny Cuz I ummm i don't know I just know that is so funny...

Are we there yet?

By Aleks 21

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Rated PG | For language and rude humor
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Common Sense Media says Less amusing than a game of license plate bingo.
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