Annie (2014) Synopsis
A plucky foster child (Quvenzhané Wallis) charms her way into a billionaire's (Jamie Foxx) heart.
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By riley2002870
I like the trailer. I like the Annie movie. I will go and see it. It helps you have hope and believe in something. It helps you look forward to tomorrow. Plus I like Camoran Diaz and Jamie Foxx. It...

Looks good

By roxo3
Who doesn't like Annie no matter who is playing the cartoon character? If Elizabeth Taylor could play Cleopatra, then this little lady can play Annie....

Everyone has a point of redemption

By mjglaub
Some don't need it, but most of us do. And "Annie," makes me believe. To the nay sayers, I simply ask if there was a time you believed, because I believe in you....

Looks boring

By kiannaallen93
This movie is for children and that's all; the previews don't look promising....

Not Worth It

By hswolfmaniac
Previews did not excite me. I've seen the original and first remake of Annie. Now they're coming out with a black kid as Annie. I guess they're trying to attract a particular genre of customers on...

PC Runs a muck

By mex87
Political Correctness runs a muck. Jamie Foxx needs to retire and find another line of work!...

not even calling the rich guy Mr. Warbucks?

By jackbruening95
this movie looks like a cheap spin-off of the first two movies and i must say it looks more crappy than my bunghole. COME ON WILL SMITH YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS!...

I don't think this movie is going to be a hit.

By keepersglen811
I can't picture this movie being a hit because the original Annie was caucasian with red hair....

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By angeliquehplmes
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I am looking forward to this version.

By gdesigneralexander902
I love the 1982 version of Annie, but I wasn't a fan of the 1995 Annie's Royal Adventure or Disney's 1999 TV version. In the 1999 version the Annie didn't even have the big curly hair. The 1982...

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