An Evening With Jane Goodall Live Synopsis
Chimpanzee researcher and activist Jane Goodall discusses her work and shows rare film footage.

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Must-see film

By Nancyred83
This movie is absolutely inspirational. For those of you who have already been inspired by Jane and her work, prepare to be inspired and moved all over again. As individuals, it is our duty to make...

An Evening With Jane Goodall Live review

By ontiv99
Message of "HOPE" is outstanding....

An Evening WIth Jane Goodall

By freevid
We found this event, based on your promotion, NOT to be what we expected. Your copy reads... "Join NCM Fathom and MDA Productions for a rare and intimate evening LIVE with Jane Goodall as we take a...

I enjoyed this

By laltizio
Although, the live Interviews bored me to death...

By ronnirowland


By Nibuka
Jane's activism is tireless and heroic. The film does an excellent job of chronicling her journey from dreamer to doer. I wish we had more movies about heros like Jane!...

The Amazing Jane does it again

By gr8hands
Why wasn't this movie advertised? There were only about a dozen people in the theatre with us. Fantastic show - with never before seen home movies of Jane in the early years. Even better than...

Jan Goodall Live

By nevadaly
Jane is always worth seeing, reading about and hearing. The interviewers/hosts were TERRIBLE. They were very unrehearsed and their questions/comments were sophmoric. Jane handled them with grace as...

An Evening with Jane Goodall

By samsibley
Well done! A fine telling of her story with evenly spaced emphasis on each part of her life and accomplishments....

Jane Goodall Live

By movie_delight
This is an incredibly amazing film. I was awestruck by this woman's authenticity, stamina, compassion, responsibility to the planet and to future generations. The scenery is magnificent; you fall in...

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