300: The IMAX Experience Synopsis
Badly outnumbered Spartan warriors clash with the Persian army at the Battle of Thermopylae.

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See 300: The IMAX Experience

By CuriousG2002
An epic tale of the battle of Thermopylae, where 300 of Spartas finest soldiers stood strong against the Persian Army led by the God-King Xerxes. This film pays hommage to the Greek culture while...

300 regular screening: awesome! 300 IMAX screening: terrible!!

By sek8
Due to a sold-out IMAX show, I went to see 300 on a regular screen. I loved it, on the regular widescreen format and very good audio at that particular theatre close to my home. 2 weeks later I...


By gyrosvegas
great action.....have to see it on imax!!!...


By ryangartner
Great action-packed movie. A must see!...

great movie

By bmichel
the movie was great. There was a lot of blood and guts. The IMAX was great. Any one that is alive should see this film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

If you don't like this, check your pulse

By Bollwerk
Couldn't have been better....

Too Cool!

By Lucky_ticket
This movie was awesome! The visuals were breathtaking! I walked out of there amped! If you haven't seen this one yet. Run don't walk!...


By leecievc
There are few movies anymore that are made just for PURE ENTERTAINMENT, and for the love of the movie going experience. This is definitely one of them! Though this movie will most likely not win...


By denver64655
This movie is so aesthetically pleasing and the best fighting I have ever seen. Must go....

must see

By tamiyokey
i watched it @ imax but my seat was not that good, meaning i sat too close to the screen. so i got a little dizzy adjusting my eyes to the fast movements. i will go again this weekend and i'm taking...

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Rated R | For graphic battle sequences throughout, some sexuality and nudity
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Bloody, fanboyish retelling of an ancient battle.
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