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When the Daltons Rode

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is When the Daltons Rode?
When the Daltons Rode is 1 hr 20 min long.
Who directed When the Daltons Rode?
George Marshall
Who is Tod Jackson in When the Daltons Rode?
Randolph Scott plays Tod Jackson in the film.
What is When the Daltons Rode about?
Tod Jackson (Randolph Scott) is a lawyer passing through the frontier. In Kansas, he decides to pay a visit to the Daltons, a family he knew during his youth. He arrives to discover that the family is in crisis. A ruthless development company wants to use their land for railroad expansion. Bob Dalton (Broderick Crawford), accused on false murder charges, asks Tod to defend him in court. A violent courtroom confrontation turns the Daltons into outlaws, and they are forced to go on the run.