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Welcome to the Dollhouse

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Welcome to the Dollhouse?
Welcome to the Dollhouse is 1 hr 27 min long.
Who directed Welcome to the Dollhouse?
Todd Solondz
Who is Dawn Wiener in Welcome to the Dollhouse?
Heather Matarazzo plays Dawn Wiener in the film.
What is Welcome to the Dollhouse about?
Middle-school student Dawn Weiner (Heather Matarazzo) faces degradation at school -- where she is teased constantly -- and at home. The middle child between nerdy older brother Mark (Matthew Faber) and perky younger sister Missy (Daria Kalinina), Dawn can't seem to find a place to belong. Although she has a crush on a cute boy (Eric Mabius) whom her brother knows, she can only catch the attention of bully Brandon (Brendan Sexton Jr.), who threatens her to show affection.