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Weddings and Babies

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Weddings and Babies?
Weddings and Babies is 1 hr 21 min long.
Who directed Weddings and Babies?
Morris Engel
Who is Bea in Weddings and Babies?
Viveca Lindfors plays Bea in the film.
What is Weddings and Babies about?
In New York City, wedding photographer Al Capetti (John Myhers) is being pressured by his girlfriend and assistant, Bea (Viveca Lindfors), to get married. Al thinks he doesn't make enough money to support a family; his answer is embarking on a career as a filmmaker. Meanwhile, Al's senile mother (Chiarina Barile) starts a fire in a boarding house, and he has to decide about putting her in a nursing home. As Bea tires of Al's lack of commitment, their relationship threatens to go up in flames.