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Village of Dreams

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Village of Dreams?
Village of Dreams is 1 hr 52 min long.
Who directed Village of Dreams?
Yôichi Higashi
Who is Seizo Tashima in Village of Dreams?
Keigo Matsuyama plays Seizo Tashima in the film.
What is Village of Dreams about?
Seizo (Keigo Matsuyama) and his twin brother, Yukihiko (Shogo Matsuyama), have just moved to a small village and love to run amok, away from the watchful eye of their mother (Mieko Harada). The boys become so accustomed to causing trouble that the townspeople begin to regard them with disdain and suspicion. The brothers, who become friends with a boy who has been shunned because he is poor, weave magical aspects into their adventures as they revel in the joys of childhood.