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Veetla Vishesham (2022)
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Veetla Vishesham (2022)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Veetla Vishesham (2022)?
Veetla Vishesham (2022) is 2 hr 10 min long.
Who directed Veetla Vishesham (2022)?
N.J. Saravanan
What is Veetla Vishesham (2022) about?
Elango (RJ Balaji), a 25-year-old man, is shocked to discover that his middle-aged mother is pregnant with her third child at a time when his impending marriage is on the cards. His struggle to come to terms with the news puts his relationship with his girlfriend, Sowmya, in jeopardy. Elango’s parents who belong to the middle-class strata start feeling conscious about the pregnancy, as they become a talking point in their social circles. Elango and his younger brother Anirudh grapple to cope up with the situation.