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Two Can Play That Game

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Two Can Play That Game?
Two Can Play That Game is 1 hr 32 min long.
Who directed Two Can Play That Game?
Mark Brown
Who is Shanté Smith in Two Can Play That Game?
Vivica A. Fox plays Shanté Smith in the film.
What is Two Can Play That Game about?
When Shanté's boyfriend Keith (Morris Chestnut), is caught red-handed stepping out with her arch-rival Conny (Gabrielle Union), Shanté institutes her 'Ten Day Plan' to get him back in line. Whether its sexy lingerie or good home cooking, Shanté has an arsenal of weapons designed to bring a man to his knees...and back to her. She's not above playing the damsel in distress or using the ever-reliable grapevine to get Keith's attention. It's all good, because getting her man back - by any means necessary - is all that matters.