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True Confessions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is True Confessions?
True Confessions is 1 hr 50 min long.
Who directed True Confessions?
Ulu Grosbard
Who is Des Spellacy in True Confessions?
Robert De Niro plays Des Spellacy in the film.
What is True Confessions about?
In 1940s Los Angeles, Detective Tom Spellacy (Robert Duvall) probes into the savage murder of a woman found dumped in an empty lot. At the same time, he investigates a priest found dead in a whorehouse. Spellacy's brother (Robert De Niro), a Catholic priest, is meanwhile attempting to expand his church through Jack (Charles Durning), a shady contractor. While the two police cases and the real estate deal seem a world apart, Spellacy discovers an insidious connection involving money and power.