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Torn Curtain

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Torn Curtain?
Torn Curtain is 2 hr 8 min long.
Who directed Torn Curtain?
Alfred Hitchcock
Who is Professor Michael Armstrong in Torn Curtain?
Paul Newman plays Professor Michael Armstrong in the film.
What is Torn Curtain about?
American physicist Michael Armstrong (Paul Newman) shocks his friends and family by defecting to East Germany to work with the Soviets during the height of the Cold War. Even his fiancée (Julie Andrews) is surprised by the move, but when she follows him behind the Iron Curtain, she discovers that her husband-to-be isn't a spy, but a double agent working to discover Soviet nuclear secrets. As they plot a way to escape back to America, his cover is blown, putting both of their lives in jeopardy.