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Tight Spot

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Tight Spot?
Tight Spot is 1 hr 37 min long.
Who directed Tight Spot?
Phil Karlson
Who is Sherry Conley in Tight Spot?
Ginger Rogers plays Sherry Conley in the film.
What is Tight Spot about?
Model Sherry Conley (Ginger Rogers) is offered a chance to get out of jail in return for testifying against mobster Benjamin Costain (Lorne Greene). She is taken to a hotel room to hide until it is time for her testimony, and a romance begins to blossom between the superficially hard-boiled Sherry and police officer Vince Striker (Brian Keith). With time before the trial running out, Costain will stop at nothing to kill her before she can reach the witness stand.