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This Gun for Hire

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is This Gun for Hire?
This Gun for Hire is 1 hr 20 min long.
Who directed This Gun for Hire?
Frank Tuttle
Who is Philip Raven in This Gun for Hire?
Alan Ladd plays Philip Raven in the film.
What is This Gun for Hire about?
Sadistic killer-for-hire Raven (Alan Ladd) becomes enraged when his latest job is paid off in marked bills. Vowing to track down his double-crossing boss, nightclub executive Gates (Laird Cregar), Raven sits beside Gates' lovely new employee, Ellen (Veronica Lake), on a train out of town. Although Ellen is engaged to marry the police lieutenant (Robert Preston) who's hunting down Raven, she decides to try and set the misguided hit man straight as he hides from the cops and plots his revenge.