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The World of Apu

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is The World of Apu?
The World of Apu is 1 hr 43 min long.
Who directed The World of Apu?
Satyajit Ray
Who is Kajal in The World of Apu?
Alok Chakravarty plays Kajal in the film.
What is The World of Apu about?
This lauded Indian drama, the third part of a trilogy, finds Apu Roy (Alok Chakravarty), now a young unemployed man, living in poverty and attempting to be a writer. When his old school friend Pulu (Swapan Mukherjee) convinces him to go on a trip to a family wedding, surprising circumstances end in Apu marrying the bride, Aparna (Soumitra Chatterjee). Set on being a responsible husband, Apu finds a job and becomes close to his wife, but tragedy strikes, leaving him at yet another crossroads.