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The Son of No One

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is The Son of No One?
The Son of No One is 1 hr 35 min long.
Who directed The Son of No One?
Dito Montiel
Who is Jonathan White in The Son of No One?
Channing Tatum plays Jonathan White in the film.
What is The Son of No One about?
In this searing police thriller, Jonathan (Channing Tatum) is a second-generation cop who gets in over his head when he’s assigned to re-open a double homicide cold case in his Queens neighborhood. An anonymous source feeding new information on the long-unsolved murders to a local reporter (Juliette Binoche) leads to evidence suggesting a possible cover-up by the former lead detective (Al Pacino) who was on the investigation. As Jonathan digs deeper into the assignment, a dark secret about the case emerges, which threatens to destroy his life and his family.