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The Red Badge of Courage

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is The Red Badge of Courage?
The Red Badge of Courage is 1 hr 9 min long.
Who directed The Red Badge of Courage?
John Huston
Who is Henry Fleming (the Youth) in The Red Badge of Courage?
Audie Murphy plays Henry Fleming (the Youth) in the film.
What is The Red Badge of Courage about?
Henry Fleming (Audie Murphy) is a young Union soldier in the American Civil War. During his unit's first engagement, Henry flees the battlefield in fear. When he learns that the Union actually won the battle, shame over his cowardice leads him to lie to his friend Tom (Bill Mauldin) and the other soldiers, saying that he had been injured in battle. However, when he learns that his unit will be leading a charge on the enemy, Henry takes the opportunity to face his fears and redeem himself.