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The Prime Gig

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is The Prime Gig?
The Prime Gig is 1 hr 37 min long.
Who directed The Prime Gig?
Gregory Mosher
Who is Pendelton "Penny" Wise in The Prime Gig?
Vince Vaughn plays Pendelton "Penny" Wise in the film.
What is The Prime Gig about?
Pendleton Wise (Vaughn) is a suspicious sort, probably because he earns his living pitching travel scams. His cubicled existence is interrupted by the reemergence of Kelly Grant (Harris), an infamous chr(34)room-runnerchr(34) who, along with lover and business partner Caitlin (Ormond), offers Penny a spot as a top closer in a high stakes mining deal. When Penny and Caitlin start an affair, questions of who's screwing whom lead Penny into deeper waters than he'd anticipated.