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The Lodger (2009)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is The Lodger (2009)?
The Lodger (2009) is 1 hr 24 min long.
Who directed The Lodger (2009)?
John Brahm
Who is Kitty Langley in The Lodger (2009)?
Merle Oberon plays Kitty Langley in the film.
What is The Lodger (2009) about?
Malcolm Slaight arrives at the home of Joe and Ellen Bunting. Ellen is happy to make a little extra money, but also becomes enamored by the charm and eccentricities of this mysterious Lodger. Meanwhile, police detective Chandler Manning begins to track a ruthless killer slaughtering prostitutes along West Hollywood's Sunset Strip. This killer's methods are identical to that of London's infamous psychopath, Jack the Ripper. This is especially troublesome for Manning because earlier in his career he brought a killer to justice who also mimicked Jack the Ripper. Closing in on the killer, Manning finds himself following a trail that leads to a secluded residence located just off the Sunset Strip--right near the Bunting home.