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The Legend of Hell House

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is The Legend of Hell House?
The Legend of Hell House is 1 hr 34 min long.
Who directed The Legend of Hell House?
John Hough
Who is Florence Tanner in The Legend of Hell House?
Pamela Franklin plays Florence Tanner in the film.
What is The Legend of Hell House about?
Scientist Lionel Barrett (Clive Revill) and his wife, Ann (Gayle Hunnicutt), lead a team into the infamous Belasco House, supposedly haunted by the victims of its late owner, a notorious serial killer. Though the rational Barrett does not believe in ghosts, the other members of his group do, include devout spiritualist Florence Tanner (Pamela Franklin) and psychic medium Benjamin Fischer (Roddy McDowall), who has been in Belasco House before and seen what horrors can befall those who enter it.