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The Green Berets

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is The Green Berets?
The Green Berets is 2 hr 21 min long.
Who directed The Green Berets?
John Wayne
Who is Col. Mike Kirby in The Green Berets?
John Wayne plays Col. Mike Kirby in the film.
What is The Green Berets about?
A cynical reporter (David Janssen) who is opposed to the Vietnam War is sent to cover the conflict and assigned to tag along with a group of Green Berets. Led by the tough-as-nails Col. Mike Kirby (John Wayne), the team is given a top-secret mission to sneak behind enemy lines and kidnap an important Viet Cong commander. Along the way, the reporter learns to respect why America is involved in the war and helps to save the life of a war orphan whose life has been destroyed by the conflict.