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The Good Fairy

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is The Good Fairy?
The Good Fairy is 1 hr 30 min long.
Who directed The Good Fairy?
William Wyler
Who is Luisa "Lu" Ginglebuscher in The Good Fairy?
Margaret Sullavan plays Luisa "Lu" Ginglebuscher in the film.
What is The Good Fairy about?
In 1930s Budapest, naïve orphan Luisa Ginglebuscher (Margaret Sullavan) becomes an usherette at the local movie house, determined to succeed in her first job by doing good deeds for others and maintaining her purity. Luisa's well-meaning lies get her caught between a lecherous businessman, Konrad (Frank Morgan), and a decent but confused doctor, Max Sporum (Herbert Marshall). When Luisa convinces Konrad that she's married to Max, Konrad tries everything he can to get rid of the baffled doctor.