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The Covenant (2006)
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The Covenant (2006)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is The Covenant (2006)?
The Covenant (2006) is 1 hr 37 min long.
Who directed The Covenant (2006)?
Renny Harlin
Who is Caleb Danvers in The Covenant (2006)?
Steven Strait plays Caleb Danvers in the film.
What is The Covenant (2006) about?
In 1692, in the Ipswich Colony of Massachusetts, five families with untold power formed a covenant of silence. One family, lusting for more, was banished - their bloodline disappearing without a trace. Until now. Directed by Renny Harlin and written by J.S. Cardone, The Covenant tells the story of the Sons of Ipswich, four young students at the elite Spencer Academy who are bound by their sacred ancestry. As descendants of the original families who settled in Ipswich Colony in the 1600's, the boys have all been born with special powers. When the body of a dead student is discovered after a party, secrets begin to unravel which threaten to break the covenant of silence that has protected their families for hundreds of years.